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Top Ten Performances of 2022

Handel: Jephtha. Dame Jane Glover/Music of the Baroque

Dame Jane Glover opened her 20th season at Music of the Baroque with one of the finest performances of her Chicago tenure. The September concert performance of Handel’s oratorio Jephtha was perfectly realized in every aspect, with a lineup of exceptional soloists and conducted with bracing vigor and deep sympathy by Glover. The orchestra delivered stellar playing and the MOB Chorus—in their first official assignment under new chorus director Andrew Megill—rose to extraordinary heights in their prominent role. Fortunately, this very special Handel occasion was recorded, and one hopes that it will be released for all to enjoy.


Dame Jane Glover in Chicago, September 2022

"Dame Jane Glover, Chicago’s Continuo Conductor and Peripatetic Milestone Maker"


"She admits being intimidated by the almost complete lack of women conductors in the field at the time, but she was undeterred. “It was very, very different landscape, when I started in the ’70s, from what it is now,” she said. “I think the landscape has changed significantly in last 10, if not even five years. It’s still not by any means an equal, flat playing field, but it is getting closer all the time, which is great. It’s just wonderful to see the way that women are finally coming forward in great numbers and securing fabulous jobs.” To that end, she co-founded the Glover-Edwards Conducting Program at the Royal Academy of Music in London, where she has taught since 2009. It provides workshops and mentoring for aspiring women conductors. “I’m very proud of that, actually,” Glover said."

Read the full article on the Ravinia Backstage Blog here


Dame Jane Glover at the Ravinia Festival, September 2022

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